March 18 – 24, 2024

Let’s Celebrate Procurement Week 🎉

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What is Procurement Week?

Procurement in the Spotlight

Procurement is the unsung hero of the corporate world. Procurement drives the business forward, but who empowers procurement? Procurement Week highlights the strategic brilliance behind every decision and deal.

Procurement Week celebrates the pivotal role procurement plays in shaping innovative organizations through strategic sourcing and smart decision-making.

For procurement professionals, success is tied to the relevance of your skills and the sharpness of your market insight. Staying ahead with the latest technologies, methodologies, and market trends is key to enhancing your impact and efficiency.

That’s the essence of International Procurement Week at Procurement Tactics — equipping you with cutting-edge resources and shining a light on the strategic achievements of procurement worldwide.

Why Now?

Sustainable Procurement Day

Procurement Week is centered around International Sustainable Procurement Day.

The first-ever World Sustainable Procurement Day took place on March 21, 2022, and was hosted by Sustainable Procurement Pledge (SPP).

Mark this day as an annual recurring event in your calendar!

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The Famous Procurement Iceberg

At Procurement Tactics, we educate procurement professionals, and here’s what we learned ourselves: other teams don’t often understand that procurement is extremely vital to any company.

We all know that procurement professionals take on a lot of roles. But what about the ones nobody seems to notice?  Here are some of the tasks hiding under the iceberg!

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Shine the spotlight on procurement

Tell the world about procurement

Put your team and all your procurement colleagues in the spotlight by spreading the word about the many jobs procurement professionals are doing every day. Post one of these special Procurement Week Celebration Illustrations on LinkedIn and your company’s international communication channel


What is Procurement Week?

Procurement Week is centered around the world Sustainable Procurement Day. March 21st, is the day declared as the annual celebration of sustainable procurement.

It’s a moment to recognize and celebrate the great work procurement professionals are doing every day.

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